Getting Published is a Serious Thing!

Let's Get Serious


We know what it means to pour your heart into a story, and we know how heart breaking it can be to get your work rejected. 

That is why North Avenue Publishing provides aspiring writers access to a network of fully vetted copy editors and ghostwriters at discounted prices. 

Here is how simple the process can be to get your work published in a simple, safe, and succinct manner.

Simple, Safe, and Succinct


First, you don't have to worry about spending days and weeks researching and vetting editors. We did that for you. We're like Angie's List, but without the plumber's crack. 

You also don't have to worry about paying someone and then never hearing from them. We got you covered. 

Nor do you have to worry about getting back something that is not to our publishing standards. We protect you!

Affordable Prices, Amazing Results


Drop us an email to discuss your current needs by using our Contact Us form. We will email you with some basic information to get the conversation started. If appropriate, we will request a copy of your manuscript to begin the service that you decide is best for your current needs.

With prices so affordable, we know you'll become another member of our long standing family of satisfied writers. Nothing to pay now. You don't even have to provide any credit card. All you have to do is be serious about getting published.

Basic Proofreading


Basic Proofreading provides you with a professionally edited piece, free of grammatical, spelling, and punctuation errors. 

You will receive the revised submission fully completed, so there is nothing for you to do. 

This is the best option for those writers with "pride of authorship" who simply want their perfect creation free from any overlooked errors.

Professional Critique


This service provides you with a detailed written critique of your work regarding major strengths and weaknesses; including suggestions on ways you can improve the piece with additional revisions for you to do as you see fit. 

This is the best option when you are either stuck (writer's block), or debating if your project is worth seeking publication. 

Complete Copy Editing


This service provides you with a professionally polished manuscript ready for publication. Everything that needs to be done, is done for you, so you can break free from the chains of continuous self-editing and revisions. 

This is the best option when you want to take what you've done so far, get it finished and published in order to move on to your next project or writing contest. 


Rush Review


Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

We understand there may be a need to jump ahead of the line when you are trying to meet a deadline. If that is the case, please choose this Rush Review option to expedite your services. The $25 fee will be credited to your account and a representative will contact you as soon as possible during normal business hours.