Meet Our Founder


The Writer

Mike Matthews is a Chicago native known for weaving the intricacies of tragic love and desperate hope into a kaleidoscope of adult fiction. While earning his creative writing degree from the University of Illinois, he was named a 1995 James Fellowship Semi-finalist for a Novel in Progress for his literary piece, In the Garden. Since then, Mike embraced his passion for combining creative fiction and non-fiction based on people he has encountered during his many travels. 

The Windy City Writers Club

While in high school, Mike founded the original Windy City Writers Club in 1984 for the sole purpose of bringing together other writers committed to the craft. Today, there are over 30 WCWC nationwide that embrace the simple mission of discovering and developing talent through various writing contests and other services.

The Publisher

In 2004, Mike lost a dear friend and an original WCWC member. Recognizing life is often too short, Mike retired from corporate America and officially launched North Avenue Publishing. Since then, NAP has released a variety of anthologies composed entirely of winning contest submissions, or entire works by individuals.

The Philanthropist

Aside from fees paid directly to NAP's nationwide network of editors, the vast majority of proceeds are often used to fund a variety of Young Author Contests.

The Legacy

North Avenue Publishing continues to serve as the main conduit to the Windy City Writers Club legacy by printing limited runs of anthologies that are donated to libraries and shelters across the country. Each publication inscribed with the original motto, "Fear not for you are not alone, but are loved and understood as much as you love and understand."

The Criminal Focus Group

Watch this video for an inside look at Mike's current project .

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