Getting Started Is Easy

Step 1: A Hudson Marker


Email us as much of your project as you wish and our editors will review it until they lose interest. The better the piece, the deeper they go.

Step 2: An Editor's Critique


You'll receive a written critique indicating a few key things, including where they lost interest (if applicable) and if the piece is worth the time to develop and publish.

Step 3: A Publisher's Review


Based on your editor's critique, and any revisions required, our executive team will decide if your work meets the standards for one of three published distributions.

Private Distribution

Works for Private Distribution are well written, but with a limited market based on subject matter or target audience.

Public Distribution

Works for Public Distribution are fully and professionally polished with a much broader readership market.

National Distribution

Works for National Distribution are superbly crafted and polished with a subject matter that is immediately marketable.